DATE: 05.10.2007

I found a young (6-12 month old) Miniature Schnauzer today wondering in the Cochran's Crossing area of The Woodlands.

He was not wearing any tags or ID.

Bob Ducey 281-989-4280

 DATE: 05.30.2007

My family and I have been searching for our missing schnauzer, Tobi. He went missing on March 23, 2007, and was last spotted on March 24, 2007 near the Lake Catherine State Park/Diamondhead area, in Hot Springs, AR.

He is 3 1/2 years old, has been neutered, his ears are not cropped, his tail has been docked. I am afraid that someone might have thought him to be a stray as he did not have on his collar when he went missing.

I am attaching several pictures of Tobi, it is so important that we get him home. My 4 year old daughter has grown up with Tobi. She has Cystic Fibrosis, and Tobi helps her get through tough times if shes not feeling well. He is missed by all of us, we've had him since Nov. 2003, when he was 3 months old. He is a very important part of our family. We are offering a $200 reward with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We just want Tobi home with us.

 DATE: 05.10.2007

Maddison got out of our back yard shortly after noon on Friday, May 4, 2007, after the meter reader left the gate open earlier that morning. She is roughly 6 years old (we got her from the MSRH about 5 years ago), approximately 18 pounds, and is silver or gray in color. Unfortunately, she has no collar or identification.  She was groomed on April 20th, so her hair is still farily short. We live in the northern-most section of the Spring Shadows subdivision near the intersection of Clay Road and Gessner Road and the Pine Shadows Golf Course. Please contact Frank Kalenda at 713-690-5219 (home office) or 713-816-5141 (cell) or Jerrie Kalenda at 713-681-8300 (work) or 713-816-5142 (cell). Our email addresses are  fjkcpa@swbell.net  and  kalendaj@swbell.net  and we would appreciate any information you might have.

 DATE: 05.05.2007

We recently lost our female miniture schnauzer. She answers to both Maggie and Magdaline. No microchip, but she is up to date on her shots. Very sweet natured and just escaped our yard. Maggie ran off from our front yard in Justin, Texas on April 20, 2007. We live on 8th Street which is near the downtown area. She may have run to the Roanoke area since we just moved a month ago. She ran off with her black collar on with Argyle Vet Clinic tags. Reward if found. Very distraught 3 year old owner who needs her to come home quickly.

Lauren K. Chandler cell 817-658-3582
e-mail laurenkchandler@yahoo.com

 DATE: 01.23.2007

His name is Rudy. Last seen in Magnolia, Tx. off 1488 in the Sendera Lake Estates subdivision on October 15, 2006.  He is possibly wearing a blue collar with a rabies tag (with the Vet phone number on it) and a name tag with his name and a disconnected phone number on it. A reward is being offered, no questions asked. We miss our Rudy.  He was always an inside dog. He hates thunder storms and cold weather. He has never slept outside. Please help us find him and bring him home to us.  My e-mail is skbrown854@sbcglobal.net and my home phone is 281-259-4824.

 DATE: 01.23.2007

My family and I lost our Miniature Schnauzer literally out of our yard on November 4, 2006. I suspect it was a yard crew that took off with our pet. What they did not know was that he does not have total control of his bowel movements and will drop a fecal ball daily. This makes is appear he is not house broken and will probably subject him to being hit, not his fault. He was continually chasing his rear end, and after seeking the advice of our Vet, had his anal glands removed. It turns out this Vet did a terrible job, and in fact has performed the same procedure on many dogs who also have been left miserable, and continually chase their rear ends which is terrible for all to watch, as the animal is suffering.

We take excellent care of our pets, and in fact have another Schnauzer that is four months younger than the lost one, that has been operated on at Baylor for a urinary disorder which was corrected.

We live in Katy , Texas . Our sub-division is Governor's Place.

Jeffrey Krienik
281 392-7555 Tel

 DATE: 01.07.2007

Our silver Schnauzer Mini has been missing since October 23rd 2006 when we were on a trip, he got out of his collar when let outside on his lesh, so he does not have his collar on. 

His age is 1, and he is missed by a family of 8 in Fort Wayne Indiana, our phone number is 260-486-8292, if we are not home and you know somthing about our dog, PLEASE leave a message. We look over missed calls every day when we get home. We REALLY miss him, and we have anther dogs that misses him just as much. We lose sleep over wondering where he is and if he is okay. So whoever has our dog, Please, we miss him alot and wish for him back.

 DATE: 01.07.2006

LOST ... Rocky, Miniature Schnauzer ... 12/13/06 Family pet still missing. Small Silver male.  Last seen on Spring Creek Rd., in Spring Tx. Is from the area of Spring Creek Rd / Lexington Woods area. Not wearing tags. Has a rash and needs meds. 

[Click here to view flyer]

 DATE: 12.11.2006

REWARD No questions asked.
Silver male schnauzer, Chopin, lost on Friday December 8, last seen on 10TH St. and Tamarack.

Chopain is a silver Schnauzer who is five years old.  He weights approx. 25-30 pounds.  He is a strong schnauzer.

Please help me find him.  It is a great value being Honest plus Money Reward.  He has his name tag with address and telephone information.

*ADDRESS: 2412 N 25 ½ ST MCALLEN, TX 78501
*CALL: VICTOR & MATILDE AT 956-279-5706, 956-279-2604, 956-618-3604

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 DATE: 10.05.2006

lost schnauzer mix- 1960/eldridge area, Male about 5 months old, black with brown and littler white on face and brown legs, tail is docked, he had a collar on with a heart id tag with Astro on it with on other infor. I have the pic with both of my dogs that are lost attached on the flyer. 281-638-3270 / 281-638-2214
Thank you 

 DATE: 08.05.2006

My name is Jim and I am asking for assitance finding my lost Black, one year old, Male, 10 lb, minature Schnauser. He dug out of the yard on Ojeman road near Bingle and Longpoint in Spring Branch on Friday August 4th 2006 at 3 pm. He just had a haircut last week so he is well groomed. His name is Benson and he likes to gripe whe he does not get attention. I went by all the shelters and Plan to put out flyers tommorow and go by the local Vets on Monday. If anyone has seen him contact me at 832-414-3442. Thanks

 DATE: 07.17.2006

Smoke grey female schnauzer named Niki, Windfern and Beltway area please if anyone finds her call 281 705 6958.

 DATE: 05.12.2006

My name is Tricia Schoonover and I have a salt & pepper Schnauzer that has wondered away from home. We live in Magnolia,TX off of 2978 and carraway. Her name is Sugar Sweet Schoonover. Sugar is 9 years old loves food and will shake hands for treats. She has NEVER slept outside,NEVER slept alone or even been an day without her sister Sassie (she is a white Schnauzer) who is 8 years old. I have made flyer's and took them to all local vets and groomers as well as Montgomery animal shelter. I am at my witts end looking for my baby she has been missing since May 3,2006.

Please call me Tricia at 281-204-7082 or her daddy Willard Schoonover 281-507-8879.


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 DATE: 04.21.2006


She has been missing since the morning of Monday, 3.27.06. Sarah was wearing a faded red collar and heart tag from Higgings Veterinary Clinic.

Sarah is a light salt and pepper (silver) Miniature Schnauzer. Her ears are not cropped, and she weighs about 20 lbs.

Please call:

Thank you for your time

 DATE: 04.03.2006

Her name is Roxanne, it's on her tag. The phone # on the tag has been disconnected, but her vet's tag is on her collar as well.

Last seen around Ave. N and Ave. R in Rosenberg TX . The door was not locked and the wind swung it open and my little girl ran out. She is 16 lbs, gray, with a zebra print collar. Her hair is not as long as most mini schnauzers (I was cutting it in this picture). We have searched everywhere and put up dozens of signs and still can not find her. I love her so much and want nothing more than for her to be back home safe. I can't explain how much I miss her. She is friendly and likes car rides so she may have gone up to a car or two or might even have gotten in. If anyone has any information about Roxanne PLEASE contact 713-724-2445 or 281-342-0180 – email to tabbyjean@gmail.com or kokoloco@ev1.net.

Contact tabby – her loving mommy.

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 DATE: 03.09.2006

Chance is a 2 ½ year old Male Mini Schnauzer.  He is wearing a blue collar with a red rabies tag. He was last seen on Highlife Drive and 249 North on Saturday, March 4, 2006. 

We miss him so much!!!  Please, if you have any information call 713-419-4446.  

 DATE: 01.22.2006

Sammy is a 1 1/2 year old miniature schnauzer who is salt and pepper with clipped ears and crop tail.

Sammy got loose in Parktown II, Deer Park, TX. He is a very active dog who loves everyone, especially kids.  We keep him inside at all times.

There will be a reward for his return.  We can be reached at 832-630-2116 and 713-472-2170.


Kenny and Heather Pendergraft

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 DATE: 10.20.2005

I have attached a flyer as well as pictures of my Ninja. Ninja just moved to Houston with his parents a month ago and moved to his new home 3 weeks ago, he does not know his area please help us find him. We have had him since he was 6 weeks old and we can not sleep without him. He was not wearing a collar because he was in the house. He was due to chip this weekend.  Ninja has a wound on his back from being sunburned and someone might bring him in for medical attention the wound is almost healed. There is a reward for Ninja.

I can be reached at 678.557.9376, 678.557.9368 or a Houston number is 281.627.4750

Thank you De and Aisia Porter

 DATE: 8.19.2005

"Hi,my name is Chloe and I got loose from my home in Panther Creek on 8/17.  I was not wearing my collar, but that does not mean I am aboandoned.  I have a wonderful family and a twin sister, who I have never been seperated from since I was in my mommy's womb.  I miss her and I know she misses me to.  Please help me find my family."

If anyone has seen Chloe, please call me.  She is silver, big brown beautiful eyes, 12 pounds, 6 years old and is very scared.  Her sister has not eaten since she has been gone.  I have had these two sweet dogs since they were six weeks old.  Chloe is very special to all of us.  We miss her and hope that someone has seen her and will call.  We are offering a reward.  If you have any info. please call: FARRAH ANDERSON 713-384-9019 OR 281-296-8059 

 DATE: 8.19.2005

I am a rescuer but I still want to list my dog as lost.  She got out or our yard a year ago this past March 3rd..  If anyone sees a dog who looks like her please call me.  She is a salt and pepper with natural floppy ears and a cropped tail.  She loves to talk to us and seeks our attention by patting us with her paw.  She would be 4 years old. She weights about 12lb.

If found please contact: 979-627-0537 or 281-684-8716.

Lost in the Sealy-Frydek area.

 DATE: 7.21.2005

I am attaching a picture of my lost black schnauzer, Onyx, she is 4 years old. She dug a hole and got out of my yard last Tuesday, the 12th. She was wearing a pink collar, with my home phone number and her rabies tag with the vets number on it. I have notified the vet and her groomer to be on the lookout for her. Any help that you can give me would be appreciated. She is jet black and her ears are not been cropped. My phone numbers are:
281-537-6042 home    
713-216-5462 work    
281-615-1499 home

I live in Ponderosa, on the north end of Sandy Cliffs Drive.  My yard backs up to the foster home property on Kuykendahl.

Thank you. Karen LaRue  

 DATE: 7.18.2005

“Lady” REWARD $100
15 year old, female, medium size, brown/gold fur with white spots on head, neck, chest, paws and tip of tail. Can feel stitches on her belly from her operation. Not wearing collar. Missing from 5707 Kiowa Timbers dr. on July 6th, 2005 in the morning.

If you find her please hold on to her and notify me.

Home: 281-852-0298 after 8 pm Cell: 915-920-5572 call anytime
Cell: 915-588-3189 call anytime

 DATE: 7.06.2005

I have lost my Baby which he is 4 yrs old and is lost in an area he doesn't know.  His name is Dobie and is a brown and tan Chihuahua weighing approx. 5lbs.

Dobie got out this past Sunday night (7/3/05) from a friends backyard which is fenced in but had rot iron fence by the back door and garage.  They live in Cypress area off of 249 & Cypresswood.  We looked all night Sunday (w/4 cars driving the neighborhood & 2 people on foot) until about 3:00am and then picked up the search again on Monday morning.  We put out signs in the area and also spoke with everyone we saw to ask them if they had seen him.  No luck so far :( . 

Dobie does have his collar on with his name and phone number. He is terrified of Fireworks and someone must have let him in the backyard and people around us were shooting them off.  I am sure that is probably why he got out of the back yard.

If you can help out in any way it would greatly be appreciated!

Angie Brasell
Tel: 888-877-8001 or 281-646-6225


 DATE: 5.03.2005

Dark Gray With white snout &legs. LB has errect non clipped ears and a docked tail. He weighs 22 lbs last seen in Windsor Village off the 14000 blk of south Post Oak on Nov 30 2004.

$1000.00 reward. Pics attached is one after grouming and one when he needs grouming.


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